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HIV Plus Magazine: It’s Just Sex?

Sure, you’re HIV-positive, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be having — or don’t deserve to have — the most amazing sex life possible.

itsjustsexThis story just hit the stands in HIV Plus Magazine, and I am featured as a profile subject. The writing by Benjamin Ryan is rock solid, and I especially appreciated how sensitive he was about issues of “reclaiming” sexuality after years of drug use.

We (gay men in recovery like me) can get cavalier or just plain giggly when it comes to negotiating a sex life again after getting clean, but in fact it’s a hard and perilous road. “Finances and romances” tend to lead addicts back to drugs again more than anything else, and for those of us who used sex as a side dish to meth, getting our heads screwed back on right ain’t easy.

It’s a thoughtful piece and I hope you’ll check it out.



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