HIV Speaker, Mark S. King

Moderating The Normal Heart screening with activists Sean Strub, Peter Staley, and Larry Kramer

It is always my pleasure to be invited by community organizations, universities, public health agencies, and international advocacy groups for events that range from intimate workshops to conference plenaries.

My speaking engagements typically focus on one or more of these topic areas:

  • The history of the HIV/AIDS epidemic as experienced by a long-term survivor
  • Current hot button issues such as HIV stigma, PrEP, and U=U
  • Addiction and recovery and its intersections with HIV
  • Issues relevant to gay men such as HIV stigma, chemsex, and sexual politics
  • Storytelling, social media, and media relations

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I want to add as much value as possible during my time with you. When I was invited to deliver a keynote address in Minneapolis, for instance, we also scheduled a workshop at the conference, a meeting with staff, and an event just for their clients living with HIV. I will happily sit with a support group of five people. I always learn something new.

My appearance can be in-person or virtual. These opportunities are my contribution to our community dialogue, and I always make sure it is simple and affordable for you and your group or organization.

Let’s work together to create what is best for you and your event.

Here are examples of a few recent speaking engagements, with feedback from my colleagues:

HIV Speaker, Mark S. King

World AIDS Day Concert Event, Bologna, Italy

Special Guest Speaker, “HIV/AIDS Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”

“The experience of HIV is something both personal and collective. Coming from a strictly personal perspective to something you can share with others is illuminating. That is what meeting Mark meant to us: the embodiment of a personal experience that becomes food for the community, activism, and shareable richness. We overcame our solitude.”

Giulio Maria Corbelli
PLUS Italian network of LGBT people living with HIV

AIDS2018 Satellite Pre-Conference, Amsterdam

Moderator of “Home in the Clouds” Plenary

“Mark deftly connected the need to support grassroots advocates’ use of new media and evaluation strategies to strengthen home-grown solutions to health and rights challenges facing gay and bisexual men worldwide. Mark wisely drew from his experience to navigate audience questions and generously made himself available to speak with his young activist followers. Mark’s session was a highlight at the International AIDS Conference that year!”

George Ayala, Executive Director
MPact Global Action for Gay Men’s Health and Rights

HIV Speaker, Mark S. King
HIV Speaker, Mark S. King

“The Gay 80’s” Course at American University, Washington DC

Speaker, “The HIV Time Machine” Presentation on HIV/AIDS History

“Although my students learn about LGBTQ life in the 1980s through course materials, the don’t fully grasp the personal and emotional aspect of living with HIV/AIDS until they meet Mark S. King.  His presentation is funny, poignant, informative and absolutely captivating; a powerful story that resonates with them long after the evening is over.”

Bob Connelly, Adjunct Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
American University, Washington, DC

HIV Endgame Conference, Toronto, ONT

Plenary Speaker, “Men and Meth: A Conversation with Dr. David Fawcett and Mark S. King”

“Mark provided a thoughtful and engaging look at the personal, social and historical factors that underlie the growth of crystal meth use among gay and bi men. Mark’s reflections deeply resonated with me personally and generated a lively conversation about the role of crystal meth in our community in Toronto.”

Jack Mohr, Senior Lead, Policy and System Initiatives
Ontario HIV Treatment Network

HIV Speaker, Mark S. King

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HIV Speaker, Mark S. King

The Positive Effect: An Online Conference Against HIV Stigma

Co-presenter, “HIV, Sex, and Dating” with Jade Elektra

“He came through like lightning! Working with Mark S. King was a joy. His disposition to participate, help others and learn was only matched by his online speaking; incisive, funny, and frank. Our audience texted us, twittered, and had lots to say about HIV stigma because they heard Mark say profound things in plain terms. Once you hear Mark S. King speak, you will never forget it.”

Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco PhD, Co-Director
Universities Without Walls

The 2018 United States Conference on AIDS, Washington DC

Co-facilitator of “Are We Shaming Those Who Are Detectable?” Session with Charles Stephens

“Mark King is an incredible thought leader. He brings passion and vision to his work. His voice and insights are so necessarily, especially in our current moment.” 

Charles Stephens, Founder
The Counter Narrative Project

HIV Speaker, Mark S. King
HIV Speaker, Mark S. King

JustUS Health Opportunity Conference, Minneapolis, MN

Keynote Address, “Life, Death, and Joy: My 35 Years Living with HIV”

“Mark’s story and lived experiences connected with our conference participants in a way that few speakers ever could. Months after our conference, we continued to hear amazing feedback about our decision to feature Mark at our annual Opportunity Conference.”

Paul Skrbec, Public Relations & Marketing Communications Manager
JustUs Health