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 “If the AIDS pandemic had a Mark Twain, it would be Mark S. King.”

Sean Strub, author of Body Counts



My Fabulous Disease: Chronicles of a Gay Survivor is an anthology spanning four decades – in turns emotional, biting and hilarious – from activist and writer Mark S. King.

The sum of these chronicles is a manifesto of survival. But they also are a portrait of a man giggling through a graveyard. There is a sense of joyful gratitude that permeates even the darkest chapters, a throughline of cheeky optimism that makes the tragedy bearable and the humor uproarious.

My Fabulous Disease divulges King’s intimate triumphs and misfires along with glimpses of his Southern family coming to terms with a gay son, his harrowing drug addiction and eventual recovery, and a lifetime spent skating on the cracked ice of HIV.

Paperback                 226 pages, US $19.99    ISBN 979-8-9877214-0-7

Digital                         226 pages, US   $5.99    ISBN 979-8-9877214-1-4

Publication Date: September 1, 2023

Non-fiction, LGBTQ, memoir, Queer history, HIV/AIDS, recovery


Available NOW!

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Early Praise for My Fabulous Disease: Chronicles of a Gay Survivor

“Start with queer attitude, add a spoonful of humor (camp and/or dark), and top it all off with a heart of gold, and you’ll still be missing some secret ingredients found in My Fabulous Disease. Mark’s writing is a diary of survival, and a beautiful example of giving back. I know his words have helped me over the years, and he has my thanks. Bon appétit!”

Peter Staley, activist and author, Never Silent: ACT UP and My Life in Activism

“Four decades ago, Mark S. King began to chronicle his life with HIV/AIDS. His writings – occasionally shocking, often gentle, sometimes hilarious – have been a consistent voice of courage as he has evolved into one of the most thoughtful and articulate advocates for people living with HIV/AIDS today.”

Cleve Jones, founder of the AIDS Memorial Quilt and author of When We Rise: My Life in the Movement

“If the AIDS pandemic had a Mark Twain, it would be Mark S. King. My Fabulous Disease chronicles his own odyssey navigating the epidemic, brilliantly telling our collective story with humor, pathos and humility.”

Sean Strub, activist and author of Body Counts: A Memoir of Politics, Sex, AIDS and Survival

“Mark S. King’s life is a roller coaster ride, and we’re with him through the ups and downs, holding on tight. It’s a gift he’s given us all these years: amazing stories that are sometimes hilarious, sometimes wrenching, sometimes enraging – and always powerful. He’s put himself out there, and the result is insightful writing that has inspired and empowered so many of us.”

Michelangelo Signorile, SiriusXM radio host and author, It’s Not Over: Getting Beyond Tolerance, Defeating Homophobia, and Winning True Equality

“Mark S. King is a Hero. And no, not because he is a survivor, or an AIDS activist, and no, not because he uses his life – every bit of it – to inspire others who struggle every single day. He is a Hero because he isn’t afraid to share his darkest moments, his deepest shame, his greatest victories. His scars. His wounds. His untamed, exuberant humor.”

Amy Ferris, author of Mighty Gorgeous, A Small Book about Messy Love

Mark S. King is one of our community’s most trusted and treasured storytellers. My Fabulous Disease reflects a deep passion for LGBTQ+ and HIV movement work, and the important struggle for visibility. He lovingly nudges us to tell our stories, raise hell, and own our narratives.

Charles Stephens, founder of Counter Narrative Project

“When I read the first draft of ‘The Sound of Stigma,’ Mark’s 2013 essay for POZ magazine, I expected insightful commentary, which I got. What I didn’t expect was the emotional journey I had stumbled on. I cried – and it felt great. That essay remains as relevant today as ever. Do yourself a favor and let Mark S. King take you on a journey. You’ll be happy you did.”

Oriol Gutierrez, Editor, POZ Magazine

“Mark S. King is a determined AIDS activist, a bold sexual advocate, and a fabulous scamp. King has turned his personal chronicles into an important, scathing history of both a shattered and beloved LGBTQ community. You’d be a fool not to dive in.”

Tom Viola, Executive Director, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

“Living openly with ones HIV status is no small feat. It requires a strength that once found can never be taken away. This visibility holds such power that it opens doors, paves new paths, and inspires courage in others living with, or affected by, HIV to live their lives to the fullest. Mark S. King is one example of this kind of person who has found their strength and courage to live openly, honestly, and fully.”

Javier Muñoz, Artist/Activist

“Mark King is fabulous and then some. He is also compassionate, articulate, funny, sexy, passionate, heroic, straightforward, honest, and groovy. King delivers with genuine panache. Long live the King!”

Michael Kearns, actor and founder of QueerWise

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