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Some of Mark’s Published Columns

Some of Mark’s Published Columns 2010-03-17T13:51:57+00:00

As Seen In INmagazine, April, 2008 ~ IN Los Angeles Magazine publishes a column by Mark on his recovery from crystal meth addiction.

As Seen In Southernvoice.com, December 14 2007-2008 ~ Lessons learned from kissing a straight boy.

As Seen In Newsweek.com, November 28, 2007-2008 ~ Dirty Little Secret ~ How addiction to crystal methamphetamine is threatening the gay community’s long struggle to turn a corner on the AIDS epidemic.

Read the column that has won the 2007-2008 Best Written Piece of the Year award from the National Lesbian and Gay Journalism Association! As Seen In TheBody.com ~ Once, When We Were Heroes

As Seen In The Washington Blade, April 2006 ~ Why I stopped going to baths

As Seen In TheBody.com, May 2001 ~ Outliving My Father

As Seen In TheBody.com, April 2001 ~ AIDS Always Benefits from What We Don’t Talk About