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Mark S. King

Welcome, My Friends . . .

I’m an HIV positive gay man in recovery from drug addiction. What’s not to love?

Be sure to check my entire video library here or browse my blog postings below. Get ready for some frank opinion, inspirational writing, debate on sexual politics, videos of poz life featuring my family and friends, and even some infamous drag. And please follow me on Twitter and join the My Fabulous Disease Facebook page!

0711, 2022

Brian Thomas loved his Florida trip. Then the monkeypox blisters appeared.

By |July 11th, 2022|

Brian Thomas during his recent Fort Lauderdale vacation. The photo on Brian Thomas’ Instagram page was a typically sunny one for the social media personality, who has built a rising presence as a [...]

0531, 2022

Meet the Gay Men Behind POZ Magazine’s “Meth Still Kills” Feature Story

By |May 31st, 2022|

No sooner had POZ Magazine editor Oriol Gutierrez accepted my pitch to do a feature story about meth, gay men and HIV than a stunning Facebook post came across my feed. Someone I knew, Mark [...]

055, 2022

Queer the Media: A Chat with the GLAAD Award ‘Outstanding Blog’ Nominees

By |May 5th, 2022|

Among the glittering nominees of Hollywood films, television and music honored at the annual GLAAD Awards, one category celebrates grassroots queer media like no other. The “Outstanding Blog” award honors ongoing blogs, typically written and [...]

0426, 2022

Buckle up! The ‘Staley vs Gilead’ lawsuit could cost Big Pharma billions.

By |April 26th, 2022|

Activist and lawsuit plaintiff Peter Staley This is big news indeed.  Pay attention. The latest twist in the Staley vs. Gilead lawsuit could signal very bad things for Gilead Sciences and Janssen Pharmaceuticals. [...]

0411, 2022

Join a Free Webinar on Social Isolation among Long-Term Survivors

By |April 11th, 2022|

Mark S. King, Gina Marie Brown, Arianna Lint, and David Fawcett are the panelists for an upcoming webinar on social isolation among long-term HIV/AIDS survivors. There is a moment in a 1982 NBC [...]

048, 2022

People Living with HIV Lend Our Expertise for Free. Let’s Stop It. 

By |April 8th, 2022|

  There’s a new survey produced by the Prevention Access Campaign (PAC) that addresses an important issue: people living with HIV being undervalued for their contributions. And too often, it is those of us living [...]

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