In my distant youth, I did television commercials as a young actor in Los Angeles (described in my book “A Place Like This”). I specialized in nerd, dorks and geeks, as this video clearly demonstrates.

McDonaldsframe2Everything from McDonald’s (the director kept asking me to place less emphasis on the word “fabulous”), Denny’s (my favorite geek freak-out moment), and Golden Flake Potato Chips. But the real cheers should be the girl from the Barq’s commercial, who stands there patiently holding a 50-pound packet of root beer as I blather on and on!

My performance days are now limited to the occasional drag performance, unless you count the videos I produce myself for this blog (I’m most proud of the “mock Gay Pride PSA,” which skewers gay culture). But oh, in my day, I was the best dork in town!