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There’s something exciting about this blog… It’s Alive!

This is a very exciting moment for me. After weeks of work, this blog site is going live. And since it’s awards season, allow me to thank some people you might enjoying knowing.

its_aliveIf you ever have a web site or design project that needs a patient and creative set of hands, look no further than Susan Clifton from Clifton Design Group. Susan designed this site and managed to incorporate every stupid idea I had, and many of her own. “Susan, can I be clicking my heels outside of the margins?” “Susan, can I have a welcome video that points at things? Can it disappear when it’s done? Please?” Susan is also an accomplished artist and tap dancer. And she has a great blog herself about her art. Imagine.

Olivia Ford is my editor at TheBody.com and she has always supported my efforts creating the videos for “My Fabulous Disease.” Okay, “editor” isn’t exactly her title but it should be, because she is a great sounding board and offers creative feedback (or just says nice things and pats me on the head when I need it). My point is, TheBody was the first cyber home for my writing and for my video series, and it will remain the site where each video in the series will debut. If for some reason you are not familiar with the site, what the hell is wrong with you? Go check it out right now.

In this blog you’ll find the ongoing video series, but also regularly updated blog entries about HIV, gay, and recovery issues. I hope you’ll tag along, subscribe to the blog on the main page, and keep me honest with your comments and feedback.

And awaaaaay we go!



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  1. admin March 18, 2010 at 9:50 am

    Mark, you are too kind. Thanks for all the plugs. It was a fun project. I wish they were all like this. Best of luck with the site and all future endeavors. Susan

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