I really needed to get out of the house and escape COVID isolation, it’s as simple as that. So, I took a little drive around the neighborhood to give my car a spin. It’s been parked for more than a week.

Do you know the Toni Tennille albums, recorded post-Captain? She sings old standards, and she is an amazing vocalist, more than her early hits like “Muskrat Love” might suggest.

I selected “All of Me” from the playlist and started recording on my cell phone. I might have gotten a little carried away. But the lip sync is flawless, my friends. Shante, I stay.

No viral particles were shed or transmitted in the making of this recording. After my musical triumph, I parked the car and walked directly back into the house and washed my hands.

If you needed a smile today, I hope I gave you one.

Stay safe, my friends, and please be well.