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Treating My Facial Wasting

After dealing with facial lipoatrophy (wasting) and seeing it so evident in my videos, I decided to do something about it by visiting Dr. Gerald Pierone in Vero Beach, FL and being treated with injections of facial fillers. Facial wasting and fat displacement are common side effects of both HIV infection and the medications used to treat it. This video from March 2009 was updated in a later video, “Facial Wasting Update.”



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  1. Suzie B August 4, 2012 at 1:12 pm

    Dear Mark,
    As a nurse who cared for many HIV/AIDS patients at Cedars in the early and late 80’S, I want to let you know how much I appreciate your blog…..and the video’s are great, too. You look wonderful after the filler treatments (I’m 53 and having mine in a month). The fact that you reach out to both educate the LGBT and straight communities with crucial information, and some necessary humor, is so important. I have a daughter who is struggling with addiction, and I’ve turned her on to your blog, too.
    I’m glad we have cocktails that give pts the ability to live long and happy (well, hopefully happy) lives. I never thought, back in the day, that my patients would see the turn of the century, much less way beyond.
    Stay well, and keep on blogging!
    Suzie B, RN

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