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I recently made the move from my beloved Atlanta back to Fort Lauderdale, and it’s been tough saying goodbye to my friends, my doctor and my support system. And the physical act of moving is hard. I’ve had to decide what is worth keeping and what to finally give up.

FaceBoxGrabCROPIn this video episode, I share the personal reason I chose Fort Lauderdale over Atlanta (it wasn’t the weather). And since I never can resist absurdity, something a bit surreal happens along the way. When you’re packing alone, you have to converse with something. (Thanks to my set decorators, Jenifer and Bobbin.) Are you traveling light these days? Are you holding on to old items (and behaviors) that don’t fit anymore?

I always welcome your comments and feedback. My next episodes will cover finding a new doctor; talking to HIV- men; drug addiction; and of course, there’s plenty in store when I head to Vienna, Austria in July for the international conference AIDS 2010!


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