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You’ve found the site of Mark S. King, award-winning columnist, author and video blogger. I’m an absurdist, a lover of human frailty, and a gay man in recovery living with HIV. What’s not to love?

Your first stop on this site should probably be my blog, where you will find my latest written pieces and videos. And don’t forget to follow me (above right) as @MyFabDisease on Twitter or find “My Fabulous Disease” on Facebook.

My current featured video, “NEGATIVE” (below), is also my most recent one (and has already been viewed more than most of my videos). It is an examination of the views of four HIV negative gay men, and the language is robust (and NSFW). Whomever you might relate to the most, I hope you come away with more empathy for the fear, confusion and skepticism driving the lives of so many sexually active gay men today.

You can view a list of my entire video collection by choosing “ALL MFD VIDEOS” on the top of the menu on your right, of just follow this link. Enjoy!

You can now sign up with your e-mail address to be notified of new postings. Just enter your e-mail at the upper right of your screen. This is my personal web site and your information will go no further. You can unsubscribe at any time. Or become a Facebook fan or follow me on Twitter @MyFabDisease!

If you’re new to the site, you can take a 30-second tour by watching the “Welcome Video – Play Me!” near the top of the page. Basically, my site includes the live blog “My Fabulous Disease,” as well as the ongoing series of videos created for the blog, my book “A Place Like This,” and various other videos and fun items you might enjoy.

Maintaining a clean and sober life is Job One today (my Newsweek piece outlines my self destructive path from a community AIDS leader to an I.V. drug user). I hope my work might speak to your own experiences, or help you understand the journey of someone unlike yourself. Whatever the case, thanks for visiting my site, and please be well.

— Mark

p.s. Oh, and who’s the overwrought woman peering at us from the footer below? None other than Anita Mann, a comic alter ego of mine. Check out her infamous “TV Set” number here. Or, choose the Anita Mann listing under categories above to see her full catalogue of multi-media nonsense!

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