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Guess who’s headed to Vienna!

by | Mar 11, 2010 | Living with HIV/AIDS, My Fabulous Disease, News | 0 comments

TheBody.com, the great HIV resource site that premieres each episode of the “My Fabulous Disease” videos, has invited me to join them in Vienna, Austria this summer for AIDS 2010, the international AIDS conference.

aids2010LOGOI’ll be blogging live from the event and also producing my signature videos at a Sustiva-crazed pace and posting them faster than you can say Media Whore. That means you, my friends, will have a poz ally on the scene to help digest the whole event — but more from my perspective as a hopeful, passionate guy living with HIV than that of a research wonk. I’ll do my best to capture breaking news and research, but I’ll be playing to my strengths here — the city of Vienna, the feel of the crowds and their attitudes. I want to know the personal stories of what brings them here from around the world, and share video images of culture, passion, and our collective human experience (I’m not getting too fancy, never fear. Models falling on the runway count as “human experience,” you know).

ViennaIn other words, the kind of posts and videos you have come to expect from me, unleashed at a worldwide conference and wearing a media badge. What parties can I crash? What famous scientists can I corner? Who can I completely fake into believing I’m a media personality with WEIGHT and IMPORTANCE? What if I could perform in drag as part of the Culture of AIDS exhibit? Think about the people with HIV/AIDS I could meet from around the world hanging out in the PWA lounge!

Stay tuned. And please, by all means, tell me what you’d like to see me cover. It’s an amazing week (I presented on “Reconstruction” at the international conference in Geneva in 1998). Check out the AIDS 2010 web site and flag anything for me you believe I should check out. Or just leave me encouragement and diet tips — I’m gaining weight faster than a belly on Crixivan and I want to look fabulous in Vienna.


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